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Bic Raven Productions - Business

Captures content for businesses with video production and photography. Below are some of the possible needs a business would have.
  • Website Content

Video production from script to post including complete in-house editing, voice-overs, and music. Photography – product, onsite photos, working photos, and staff photos.

  • Training Videos  

The most effective way to get all employees on the same page is through accessible video training, available 24 hours per day. Programs can be created specifically for your needs. 

  • Interviews

Videos to be used for promotion and training.

  • In-plant, in-office

Videos of on the job scenes.

  • Commercials 

To be posted on the web or packaged to be used in selling applications.

  • Corporate meetings 

Sales meetings, product shows, speaking engagements. Any business event that you wish to have a record for future promotion or training use.

  • Special events

Company awards banquets, company parties, company picnics, on-site business promotion events, and get-togethers. Anytime you would like your event, video recorded, and photographs available for future company use.

  • Healthcare businesses 

Hospitals and other medical facilities use video content for the promotion of their business and training their staff. 

  • Video Business Card 

Creating the story of your business in a succinct video that will help your customer to understand your business, your love for that business, and why your customer should do business with you.


Bic Raven Productions - Events

Captures video and photo content for events


City and Government 

  • Special events produced and promoted by the government can be video recorded and edited for future promotional and in-house use.

Colleges and Schools 

  • Any event that could be recorded for future use or archiving such as speaking engagements or performance events.

Church, Temple, Synagogue,

  • And other religious events you wish to have video production

and photos including Bar Mitzvahs.

Private events

  • Such as weddings, reunions, quinceanera celebrations, and any get-together you wish to have video production and photography. 


Bic Raven Productions - Website Dev

Works on and develops websites for video production customers

  • We can work with you on your existing website to add new video and photo content.

  • We can help revamp your existing website with new content, looks, and ideas.

  • We can create a new website for you based on past information or start from scratch to create all-new website material using our video production content.